Package Description

Celestial or Custom Prefix
Colored name in Tab List
Unlimited Sethomes
100,000 Claimblocks
Ability to rent a Shop Plot
Chat Colors
Sign Colors
Create your own Custom Names & Lores for items!
No Teleport cooldown!
Change weather to sunny via sign at spawn.
Always join the server, even if it's full.
/warp end
/warp endfarm
/warp blaze



/workbench (/wb, /craft)/enderchest (/ec)
/nick/es (edit signs)
/me/feed (5 minute cooldown)
/back/rename and /lore
/ptime, /pweather/blocks


Use /kit Celestial to get your items.
1 Spawner
1 Cow Spawn Egg
1 Chicken Egg
1 Sheep Egg
1 Dragon Egg
1 Beacon
80 Shulker Shells
40 Head Vouchers
128 SwanCrate Keys
50 Supporter Keys

Weekly Kit

Use /kit kitCelestial
9 Swan Feathers
6 Iron Blocks
5 Gold Block

Use your Swan Feathers at /warp TradeMarket to trade in for a variety of items!



Notes about this package:

Celestial is the default prefix for this rank, if you would like a different prefix, please message and admin before purchase for approval.  Prefixes not available for purchase: inappropriate names, vote rank names, names of another player, and any staff prefix or anything that resembles or implies a staff rank.  If you would like the same custom prefix of another member, admins needs their approval first.  No special characters in prefix. 

To indicate your rank, you will get a [C] tag added before your rank prefix!  This is mandatory.  
 [C] CelestiaSiuan 
[C]utie Pie Siuan