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Package Description

Alpha Rank
Alpha Prefix
Colored name in Tab List
20 sethomes
40,000 Claimblocks
Custom Chat Colors
Sign Colors
Edit Signs via /es
Reset your sleep counter without a bed via /sleep
Create your own Custom Names & Lores for items!
Change weather to sunny via sign at spawn.
Always join the server, even if it's full.

/warp end
/warp endfarm
/warp blaze


Use /kit Alpha
1 Spawner
1 Cow Spawn Egg
1 Dragon Egg
40 Shulker Shells
20 Head Vouchers
64 SwanCrate Keys
25 Supporter Keys

Weekly Kit
Use /kit kitAlpha
7 Swan Feathers
5 Iron Blocks
4 Gold Block

Use your Swan Feathers at /warp TradeMarket to trade in for a variety of items!


 Notice: Sethomes do NOT stack with other purchases or ranks.
This package is for 20 sethomes TOTAL!