Support for Ukraine

You decide how much to pay.

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Package Description

This shulker box is filled with Ukrainian themed items created by our Lore Squad.  
A big thank you to them for creating the box!

This box is listed for $15, but with the sale, the price will be roughly $10.50 USD.
You have the option to choose how much you wish to pay per box, but you must enter a minimum of 15.
You can also just purchase multiple boxes as there is no limit.

100% of the profits from the sale of this box will be donated to United24.

For full transparency, the following will be deducted from the sale of this box for taxes and fees:
22% for income taxes that must be paid
2.49% + $0.35 fee per transaction
The remaining funds (the profits) will be donated directly to United24.

These boxes are NOT redeemable with in game store vouchers.