Subscriber - $10

You decide how much to pay.

Package Description

Subscriber Perks

Chat Color
Change your default chat color from white.
Grants access to custom colors via the setcolor command.
To set your chat color, do /setcolor and click on a color to change your default chat color.
*Note that black (&0), aqua (&b), and lime (&a) are not available.

Prefix and Tab

Display the Subscriber tag in the tab list
Display a symbol before your prefix in chat.
You may choose one from any of the following symbols:


Rideable Mobs

You will be able to ride and control the following mobs:
Polar Bear

*Note:  Only dolphins are rideable in water.


Access to 80+ particles with 30+ different styles of trails
Display up to 3 different trails at a time!
Examples of trail styles and particles can be seen on the Trail of Trails.
/warp Trails

Discord Role

Get the Subscriber role on discord!
You will need to log into discord when the store prompts you to in order for this to take effect.

$10 per month
This package was designed for players who wish to provide support for the owners work on server beyond the ranks/perks that they may have already purchased.
As such, the minimum amount per month is $10, but you can choose to increase that value to whatever you wish.

Two Options to Buy
This is a subscription package that will renew and charge you every 30 days.
Add to Cart
This package will last for 30 days and then be removed. To renew you must manually repurchase or select Subscribe.