SwanCraft Pets!
Get your very own custom pet!
Pets will follow you around and you can also ride, name, and use them as a hat!
They will be available in all worlds, with the exception of some event areas.
You will not need any resource packs or mods to see these pets.
Pets do not have any special abilities.


Opens the pet menu
/pet ride
Ride your pet
/pet hat
Puts your pet on your head
/pet sit
Prevents your pet from following you
/pet call
Summon your pet to you
/pet remove
Removes your current pet
/pet name
Set the name of your pet
/pet help
Sends a list of available plugin commands
/pet pet [pet name]
Example: /pet pet amongusblack
Summons a specific pet from the pet menu
Example: Summons the black among us pet

Known Bugs
Pets aren't sorted alphabetically in the GUI.
(Use /pet pet [petname] if you can't find the pet you are searching for in the GUI. This command is tab-able.)
Pets don't respawn automatically when teleporting to a new world.
(This has been reported to the plugin devs)